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Wedding Photography for Your Unique Love Story

Florida-wedding-photography-1Betsy, Amy & Scott love telling stories, pursuing beautiful photos, and giving you visual memories you will relish always. Who are we and how are we different? A tension has grown between the demands of the traditional photographer’s single point of view and the modern desire accustomed to views of red carpet and backstage at the same time. His and hers, onstage and backstage, two families coming together…these are all equally part of your unique story. Whether your wedding is intimate or grand, we will tailor a team and schedule that blends perfectly with the unique day you have crafted.

Just Picture It

One photographer focuses on the bride walking beautifully into the scene, towards her groom. Another photographer focuses on the groom’s reaction as he sees the woman of his dreams for the first time that day. The father-of-the-bride sheds a tear as he sits down in the front row after giving away his daughter, who is now all grown up. The very young ring bearer sways back and forth and looks around waiting impatiently for his moment of glory. A confident minister gracefully guides the nervous bride and groom with their guests through the ceremony to an exciting finale that ends with a passionate kiss. We are your photographers, there to step through every moment with you, and there are hundreds! We are story tellers and will capture every angle of your special day.

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