The History Behind Hundreds of Moments, LLC

In 2008, Amy & Betsy were individually working as established freelance editorial and commercial photographers when we came together to form Hundreds of Moments, LLC.   Requests to photograph the weddings of our friends, family and clients sparked us to form a partnership. Hundreds was based on the idea that two experienced photographers covering a wedding would provide brides and grooms with not only piece of mind, but with extra wedding coverage that they would not receive otherwise.

We expanded the Hundreds team to include our talented associates in order to accommodate ever-growing demand. We are one big family and will always remain a family-style business. An all-female group, we are there to help and support each other when needed, and we extend the same support and ideas to our couples.

Senior Photographers

Senior Photographer & Co-Owner of Hundreds of Moments LLC

Creating simply beautiful and creative images drives me. It’s the only thing I’ve ever pursued, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Photography from UCF then immediately diving into the working world as a full-time freelance photographer in 2005. Born and raised in Vero Beach as a 9th generation Floridian. (Yes, we came over on one of the first boats!) I am a genetically influenced overachiever and business owner; it runs in my family, and I love it! Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, being outside on a cool day and nut-free chocolate are the simple things bring me excitement. Bucket list includes an extended trip to Iceland in the summer. Favorite weekends include camping in the woods with my amazingly talented hubby (who is also a photographer!) and Smokey, our miniature Pomeranian.


Senior Photographer & Co-Owner of Hundreds of Moments LLC

Plain and simple, I am an unapologetic pursuer of pretty pictures. Pretty pictures that capture laughter, color, sunlight, and the good life. Yep, that’s what I like to do. Born in Florida, childhood summers in California, and thrice Texas transplant (once for college, once for work, and once for beloved husband.) Liberal arts degree in history; various jobs that made photography seem like the best career in the world; married with kids; owner of one seriously adorable and ornery dog; and resident of Austin, TX with no intention of leaving despite the distance to the beach.

Hundreds of Moments Photographer Amy

Associate Photographers

Associate Photographer

Two things that always intrigue me; pretty photos and zombies (though I don’t plan on photographing the apocalypse anytime soon)! Started as an intern with Hundreds of Moments before graduating with a degree in photography from a small-town college in North Carolina. Loved it so much, I uprooted and left everything I knew to move to Florida and work with these amazing girls full time. Honestly, it feels more like play than work! A firm believer in following your dreams. Cat mom of two. When I’m not shooting you’ll probably find me gator watching in a kayak or sitting on the beach buried in a book.


Associate Photographer

Born and raised in Florida just 5 minutes from the beach; Found my love and passion for photography at a young age, and I am unintentionally following in my grandfather’s footsteps; Received a Bachelors in Photography from the University of Central Florida; Married to a wonderfully talented and musical husband. Great Dane mother. Netflix enthusiast. Music is the other half of my life; A proud former Band Geek; Teaching percussion part-time. Currently living in the nice and quiet Winter Springs, FL.

Hundreds of Moments Associate Photographer Lindsey

Associate Photographer

I search for the simple joys in everyday moments. I  am a chaser of dreams and beautiful light. As a natural people person, I love meeting someone new with every photo session and wedding. Though I was not born with a camera in my hands, I fell in love with capturing memories early. Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from The Art Institute. Pittsburgh native who moved to Florida for warm weather and sunshine with no plans to leave. Soft spot for shelter dogs (including my own mutt), wife to a Cirque du Soleil Athletic Trainer, and loving mom of one. Favorite wedding things include, capturing the little details and seeing the love between the couples. I can hardly help from tearing up every time!


Associate Photographer

Stories are what drive me. I am constantly out to tell a story: my story, their story, your story. Early in my college career I went from an environmental engineering major to a photography major, (big jump!) and I don’t regret it for a second. Photography and I just click (pun intended) because I have a huge range of passions that can now be embraced through photography. Stated oh so perfectly by Bill Nye, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” My passions stem from a desire to constantly learn new things; I’m always reading something. Nonfiction is my favorite, but if it’s fiction it has to be The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter! I love being outdoors and observing; animals and the environment are very important to me. I’ve lived in Florida all my life, but love to travel near and far. I visit my Canadian family at least once a year. No, we don’t speak French, but I’m learning it for fun so that’s exciting! And it’s true- Canadians love their hockey, so if I’m not out photographing I’m probably watching the game. Go Leafs go!